Model european union granada 3rd to 7th, APRIL 2019


Their help is essential to turn this conference into a remarkable event
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BETA Spain

Bringings Europeans Together Association Spain. Organizers of this project, is an association that seeks to make European Policy Simulations, showing it this way in all corners of the European Union.

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granada university

The University of Granada is a public university situated in the historical city of Granada. The University was officially founded by the Emperor Charles V in the year 1531, and built on a centuries-old teaching tradition dating back to the madrasahs of the Nasrid dynasty of Granada.



The Diputación de Granada is the heart of Europe Direct, a reference center in the province of Granada, in the dissemination and information on matters of the European Union.

Europe Direct

The main aim of Europe Direct is to provide European citizens with general information on the European Union. Other aims include the answering of questions on political activities of the European Union and promoting European integration. Advice and practical tips on rights entitled to Union citizens are provided.

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MEU Granada

A different simulation
The 7th Edition of Model of European Union

It is being organised by BETA España, a non-profit national youth association founded in the summer of 2011 and whose primary goal is to bring young people closer to how EU institutions work. We also work closely with other European associations such as BETA e.V (Germany), OVIMUN (Spain) or RomeMun (Italy). BETA España was established under the guidance of BETA e.V, a German-based association which was the first one its kind to organise the Model European Union (MEU) at the best possible venue: the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Since the first MEU in 2007, the simulation has been held annually and in 2010, some of our members had the valuable opportunity to gain experience by participating. During the simulation they came up with the idea of bringing this magnificent project to Spain. *All stadistics have been based on MEU Granada 2017.

Our Team

MEU Granada Team

Tania sanchis giménez

Director General
Tania Sanchis Giménez is our Director General. A translator and conference interpreter that has cultivated an interest for EU affairs and communication. She discovered the MEU world last year and got involved in the project wholeheartedly. As a former trainee at the Council of the European Union, she has gained knowledge on EU politics and that institution. She is passionate about languages and organising events, loves to travel and she is always ready to take on new challenges.

Belén Robles Pugnaire

Deputy Secretary General
Hey there! I’m Belén Robles Pugnaire, the Secretary General of this year’s MEU Granada. I’m a 4th year law student in the University of Granada and I’m especially keen on European affairs. I’ve always loved the European Union and I’ve always felt the European spirit. Plus, I love basketball and ice hockey (I know, Spanish, ice hockey? What’s wrong with his person), so if you ever want to discuss, feel free to come up to me! Enjoy your experience in MEU Granada, I hope it gives you an unforgettable experience!

Manuel Marchal Elías

Advisor to the Director General Head of Logistics and Finances Team
I am a person involved with everything that I am passionate about, I never stop learning, I love sharing knowledge and helping in different causes.

Carlos Gómez Arnemann

Head of Public Relations
I am a law and political science student in University of Granada that feels the neccesity of expanding the concept of European Union and multiculturalism

Rhys Padraig Nugent

Head of Content Team
Hey there, I’m Rhys and I’ll be your friendly EU Commissioner for the Brexit proposal. When I’m not teaching English or crying myself to sleep at night over Brexit, chances are that I’m learning languages, volunteering in my city, advocating for climate action or speaking with every random cat that I see. You know, just the important stuff. ;) I did my Erasmus in Andalucía and I can’t wait to return to Granada and make wonderful memories in your company. Hasta pronto!

Miguel Nuno Rebelo Pereira Guedes

Content Team
Miguel is a Public Health Masters Student whose passion for MEUs started in Granada, almost a year ago. Passion grew to love and he’s been present in Strasbourg, Lisbon, Zagreb, and played all kinds of roles, even being BETA Europe’s officer for the new branches. He’s incredibly happy to take on the Commissioner role in Granada one year later, and is delighted to welcome you and celebrate his first MEUniversary!

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